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A NEW GAME  is Coming - 27 October 2023

Will you be ready?

Thriller Author A.M. Adair

Award-winning Author and Veteran


“A.M. Adair retired from active duty as a Chief Warrant Officer of the United States Navy with over 21 years in the Intelligence Community specializing in counterintelligence and human intelligence. She has been to numerous countries all around the world, to include multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Her experiences have been unique and provided her imagination with a wealth of material to draw from to give her stories life. A lifelong fan of the genre, she is an associate member of International Thriller Writers. Shadow Game was her debut novel, and the first book in the Elle Anderson series. Her second novel, The Deeper Shadow, was a Distinguished Favorite in the thriller category at the 2021 NYC Big Book Awards. In 2023, her third novel, Shadow War, won in the Action/Adventure category of the Independent Press Awards, and was a finalist for the 2023 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award. She lives in Tennessee with her husband Jake, her daughter Arya, and son Finn.”


Upcoming Events


Killer Nashville - Franklin, TN - August 2024

Bouchercon - Nashville, TN - August 2024


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Independent Press Award Winner announcement for Shadow War

Full Interview/Podcast appearance list available in About The Author.


"One of the Best Covert Ops Books!

All the best action of covert operations. Ranks up there with my other covet ops author, Matthew Dunn. I enjoyed this first of three books in the series and am looking forward to the second installment."

John B. (Shadow Game)

"Ready for book 2!

This book had me hooked from the start. I’m an avid reader of the Mitch Rapp American Assassin series and Jack Ryan. Elle Anderson fits right in with those two as a bad ass, easy to root for, protagonist. Highly recommend if you enjoy espionage thrillers. Ready for book 2!"

Joshua B. (Shadow Game)

“A real world thriller at the tactical level!

Tom Clancy is the master of strategic military fiction. I'd like to introduce you to the mistress of tactical military fiction. You will appreciate how Adair paints a true portrait of the Special Operations world without drowning you in technobabble. Like the operators she writes about, Adair is up front and to the point. Shadow Game is a swift read and reminds us all what a "thriller" is supposed to be. Adair's writing is a refreshing glass of water in a desert of comic book hero fantasy. It's clear that Adair has actually carried gear on a flight line, cleaned her own weapons, and dealt with the unspeakable horrors of human conflict. Shadow Game is not a clean story with a reminder to drink your hot coco at the end.

Shadow Game takes you to the gritty sands of Iraq where CIA operative Elle Anderson hunts down terrorists and eliminates them. Elle does not work from behind a computer screen. The action is personal as Elle removes evil without the antiseptic layer of satellites and smart bombs. Elle literally does the dirty work of killing with her bare hands. The action is described in a way that is real rather than choreographed. The reader is warned that this is not a book for the gentle of heart.

Zakhdit (Shadow Game)

"This book is nothing short of amazing!!

Elle is a powerful character that you are tied to from the very first page to the last and left with wanting more!

A.M.Adair is an incredible new author! She has set the scene of our fight against VEO’s and she brings you right in, making you feel you are there with Elle, experiencing everything she does in an incredibly visceral way.

I cannot wait for the next book in this incredible new series, well done A.M. Adair!!!

Brownie (Shadow Game)

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