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Course of Action Podcast with Jeff Clark. 

Episode 26: AM Adair Naval Counter-Intel, Author, graphic Novelist

Available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and YouTube.

That's Criminal with John Stamp

Episode 11: US Navy Intelligence Expert and Author of the Elle Anderson Series, A.M. Adair

Available on Apple Podcast and Spotify

DTD Podcast with Dustin Kelly.  

Episode 104: A.M. Adair “Navy Counter/Human Intelligence, Author”

Available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and YouTube

Meet the Thriller Author with Alan Petersen

Episode 185: A. M. Adair

Available on Apple Podcast

Steve Stratton's Author Snapshots

A. M. Adair

Available on YouTube

***Heroes Behind Headlines***

The First Woman To Operate With the Navy SEALs

Available on Apple Podcasts

Virginia Beach author sees character come to life with graphic novels based on her books​​

Virginia Beach Navy chief warrant officer pens first novel: ‘No damsels in distress or princesses here’​

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